Southwest Maker Fest at Downtown Mesa

Guest Author: Uly Siregar (Ester Skiera)

In downtown Mesa, there’s a cluster of unique small shops where you can explore while partaking in a relaxing walk in the very nice weather of Arizona. Citizens and kids alike love the Mesa’s Growing Permanent Sculpture Collection—39 fine, artistic pieces—gracing the downtown environment. An afternoon in downtown Mesa offers up a virtual educational and artistic menu of specialized shops, restaurants, Mesa Arts Center, Arizona Museum of Natural History, and Arizona Museum for Youth. Clearly, Mesa has culture, diversity and a charm of its own.

The appeal of downtown Mesa combined with a festival would be worthy of your time. And Southwest Maker Fest knows the formula to make the event interesting. The festival is a one-day extravaganza in downtown Mesa celebrating the power in all of us to create, innovate and realize our ideas. “This event is about bringing together and celebrating the very wide variety of makers in our region---the artists and inventors, the cooks and gardeners and home improvement experts, the engineers and programmers. It is meant to be inclusive and to enable people to share their projects and ideas in an environment that encourages experimentation and risk-taking,” says Cindy Ornstein from Southwest Maker Fest.

At the festival visitors can experience new things and explore the designs and products of creative minds, discover what people are making, learn new techniques, start experimenting with your own ideas, have fun and meet others who love DIY, art-making, crafts, interactive technology, urban farming. “There will be lots of participatory and hands-on experiences and those will probably be the most fun. There are also going to be two fashion shows, which will be really exciting,” Ornstein explains.

It’s a debut festival, so it’s expected to be a great success in order to project the next one. “This is a first year pilot event and we already have over 80 exhibitors, so it promises to build into something even more awesome as it grows. We want to invite anyone who is interested to join us in planning next year's event,” Ornstein states.

So let’s help make this event successful by attending the Southwest Maker Fest. People of all ages will find things of interest to learn about, see and do. And the Mesa Arts Center has a festival happening just nearby the same day (runs March 19-23)--spark! Mesa's Festival of Creativity--which has many performances and activities, so people will have tons of things to choose from and nobody will be bored.

After all, everyone enjoys a festival where multiple generations can be entertained and educated.

Southwest Maker Fest takes place on March 22, 2014 at downtown Mesa (Main Street, Mesa), from 10am to 7pm. Free event.