Dragonfly Day 2014

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03/29/2014 - 10:00am - 2:00pm


Rio Salado Central Avenue Trailhead

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Type: Festival
Audience: Families/Children, Young Adults (16-21), Adults
Region: Phoenix/Central
Topic: Sustainability & Earth Sciences

Families are invited to join in expert-lead walks to the demonstration wetland where they can view dragonflies, participate in water-related activities, visit educational booths, and view artwork related to water while enjoying local food. Non-profit organizations will educate people about local water and wildlife through booths and hands-on activities. During the event simple water quality test kits will be given out for participants to conduct their own water quality testing. They will also have the opportunity to take these kits home and test other neighborhood water sources and document the results for comparison. In addition, a mobile water quality science lab will conduct interactive science experiments.