Showcase at an Event or Host a Workshop

Showcase your science at an Arizona SciTech Festival event!

The Opportunity

Arizona SciTech is calling all middle school and high school students with science skills and knowledge to share their expertise with the public by hosting a booth at a signature event or conducting a workshop at a neighborhood hub. Signature events are being held throughout the state and address a variety of STEM topics. We encourage you to participate in your regional science fair and show off your project to the public at the signature event most relevant to the science topic addressed by your project.

Have something to demonstrate? Students are also encouraged to demonstrate their science projects or expertise by hosting a workshop at a neighbhorhood hub.

Students who participate will:

  • Be part of the action in helping us highlight Arizona's leadership in science, technology and engineering on the national stage.
  • Act as a role model to peers and younger students to excourage exploration and learning in STEM topics.
  • Develop communication and public speaking skills.
  • Combine this opportunity with other things, such as: a capstone project for a class, grouping of science fair projects, science club, career tech showcase and more.

Who Should Get Involved

Middle school and high school students

When It's Happening

Put the wheels in motion now by signing up to participate in a science fair, planning your project, and planning where and when to showcase your science at one of our signature events or workshops. Signature events and workshops will take place in February-March 2012, during the official festival.

How to Get Invovled

Complete the form in our Contact page and a member of our team will contact you with additional details to help you select a place and time to participate.